Frequently Asked Questions

Missä on lähin ruokakauppa?

In the center of Mäntyharju (30 km) there are both K-Market and S-Market

In Ristiina (30 km) in the direction of Mikkeli there is a K-Market

There is a small food shop at ABC Tuohikoti petrol station (27 km)

Where can I buy a fishing permit?

Online at

ToAt the Tommolansalmi summer cafe, Kouvolantie 2216

Where is the nearest pharmacy / emergency department?

There is a pharmacy in the center of Mäntyharju (30 km)

Medicines that do not require a prescription can be purchased at the ABC Tuohikoti petrol station (27 km)

Where is the Repovesi National Park and other nature destinations?

The National Park is about 29 km from Lake Korpijärvi, depending on entrance you use.

You can access to marked routes from Tervajärvi, Lapinsalmi or Saarijärvi car parks.
– The easiest way to get to the Fox Trail is from Lapinsalmi car park.
– For the Circle in the Wilderness, the nearest car park is Saarijärvi.
– Access to the Koppelo trail is from Tervajärvi car park.
– And you can reach to the Red-throated Loon Trail from any car park.

Lapinsalmen sisäänkäynti
Sijainti: Riippusillantie 55, Kouvola
Koordinaatit: 61.159471,26.836646

Lapinsalmi car park
Location: Riippusillantie 55, Kouvola
Coordinates: 61.159471,26.836646

Saarijärvi Entrance
Location: Kuismantie 990, Kouvola
Coordinates: 61.196839,26.881504

Tervajärvi Entrance
Location: Kivisilmäntie 723, Kouvola
Coordinates: 61.156104,26.885995

TYou can find out more on the multilingual website with up-to-date information about the Repovesi National Park and its routes at:

Irja Hannonen Nature Trail
Location: Karkauksentie 910, Suomenniemi, access with a guide
Coordinates: 61.373068,27.255917

The Irja Hannonen Nature Trail is a 3.8 km long trail along the shores of Lake Kuolimo. The route was created in memory of Irja Hannonen, who lived her entire life in Kauraus in the municipality of Suomenniemi and bequeathed all her property to her native municipality. Walking along this nature trail, the tourist will get an extraordinary emotional experience, passing through meadows and woods, gazing at lake landscapes, crossing bridges and relaxing in the Kuitura shelter. Walking along the route, you’d better watch for a glimpse of a flying squirrel, or a gray-headed woodpecker knocking on a tree, or an aspen felled by a beaver. There is a box at the beginning of the route, it is worth taking a description of the route from it. The description contains information about nature destinations, which will enrich your walking experience.

Saarajärvi Trail
Location: Karkauksentie 881, Suomenniemi, access with a guide.
Coordinates: 61.374937, 27.259024

A 4.8 km route passes close to Lake Saarajarvi along forest paths, suspension bridges and country roads. There is a shelter at the end of the footpath.

Orrain Trail
Location: Partakoskentie 1520, Savitaipale
Coordinates: 61.301358, 27.636290

Orrain Trail is one of the best tourist footpaths in South Karelia. The route has beautiful landscapes and two well-equipped shelters. The directions and footpath markings are excellent. The footpath is marked with red signposts. There is a car park, an information board with the footpath map and a toilet at the beginning of the trail.

What is allowed do outdoors?

Everyone’s right to use nature means that nature is at your disposal, no matter who owns the site. You don’t need to get any permission from the landowner to enjoy wild harvests, and you don’t have to pay for it.

Exercising the right of everyone to the use of nature, one cannot cause any damage to the landowner or to the nature.

More information at:

In protected areas, for example, in national parks, the right of everyone to use nature is limited.

More information about protected areas

Where is the nearest petrol station?

The nearest petrol station Rantinhovi is located at Suomenniementie 1091, Suomenniemi

Where can I get information about local events?

How clean is the lake water, tap water?

The lake water in the Korpijärvi region is clean and absolutely safe for swimming. Tap water throughout Finland is also clean and safe to drink.