Outdoor Activities at Lake Korpijärvi in Mäntyharju

Winter Outdoor Activities

Swimming in the ice hole

In most holiday cottages it is possible to plunge into an ice hole or lie in the snow after a sauna session in winter.

Cross-country skiing

Ski trails are laid out and groomed in the forest and on the ice of the lake right around the cottages. In the direction of the village of Halmeniemi, the ski trail joins the Halmeniemi sports trail, along which you can ski for several kilometers. If the ice is strong, the track also goes round Korpisaari Island. In the kota, hut of the Sami people, on Korpisaari Island you can have a snack or grill sausages.

Municipal authorities maintain many ski trails for keen skiers starting from the center of Mäntyharju. Illuminated trails are 1 km, 2 km, 3 km and 6.1 km long. In addition to these recreational trails, there are more difficult ones: Uutelankierros 12.3 km, Samallisenkierros 15.5 km and Lustiginkierros 20.4 km. The trails are groomed for both classic and skate-skiing. There are toilets and changing rooms in Kisala sports centre. Starting position and parking place: Kyttäläntie 20, 52700 Mäntyharju (approx. 31 km, 28 min.).

Ice skating

In winters with little snow, the lake’s ice is perfect for skiing on natural ice, and you can go ice skating right from the beach in front of your holiday cottage. In Mäntyharju there is an artificial ice rink for ice skating and games on ice. There is a skating rink with natural ice next to the artificial skating rink, where you can skate in frosty weather. A five-kilometer speed skating track starts from Mäntyharju, right from the Kurkiniemi beach; it is maintained by the Mäntyharju Municipality.


Mount Hurmos with its illuminated 120 m trail is located at Juhtaantie 125, 52850 Halmeniemi. There is a kota, hut of the Sami people, near the slope, where you can have a snack or make Turkish coffee. If the weather permits, a sleigh carousel will be mounted nearby. Using the slope and the kota are for a fee, the fee includes the activity equipment. For more information call 0400-483589 Sami Kauppinen.

There is a forest amusement park with a fireplace and a slide in winter in the village of Mäntyharju, next to the Kisala sports house.

Car park address: Kyttäläntie 20, 52700 Mäntyharju

Summer Outdoor Activities

Astuvasalmi petroglyphs (about 52 km, about 51 min.)

Address: Suurlahdentie 2039.52360 Ristiina

Frisbee golf

The nearest frisbee golf courses are at the following addresses:

1. Mäntyharjun discgolfpark, Asemantie, 52700 Mäntyharju (33 km, about 30 min).
2. Mäntyharjun frisbeegolf, Iso-Pappilantie, 52700 Mäntyharju (about 35 km, about 30 min).
3. Suomenniemen Frisbeegolfpuisto, Opinraitti 20, 52830 Mikkeli (about 30km, about 30 min).

Kärnäkoski Fortification (about 47 km, about 48 min.)

The Kärnäkoski fortification in Kärnäkoski, Savitaipale commune, was built by Russians in 1791-1793 as part of the fortifications of Southwest Finland.

Address: Partakoskentie 872, 54800 Savitaipale

Berry and mushroom picking

You can pick blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and lingonberries, as well as the best mushrooms in the forests right next to the cottages.

Rowing / Stand up padding

You can rent kayaks, canoes and SUP boards from Linkkumyllyn Asemamakasiini.  You can start rowing or paddling to Lake Pyhävesi right from from the rental shop or take the rented equipment with you.

More information is available at: www.linkkumylly.fi  

Address: Asematie 10, 52700 Mäntyharju (about 31 km, about 34 min.)

Paddle tennis (about 31 km, about 28 min.)

There is a paddle tennis court near the Mäntyharju Sports Center at Kyttäläntie 21, 52700 Mäntyharju. More information on renting the court is available at: www.mantyharju.fi

Tennis (about 31 km, about 28 min.)

There is a tennis court near the Mäntyharju Sports Center at: Kyttäläntie 21, 52700 Mäntyharju/ More information on renting the court is available at: www.mantyharju.fi


There are many gravel roads that go round the lake through enchanting forests and lake landscapes in the proximity of Korpijärvi Lake in Mäntyharju. You choose a cycling route according to your physical condition. It is best to ride your own bike, but we can also help you to rent a bike, which will be delivered directly to your holiday cottage.

The famous Mäntyharju – Repovesi tourist route, which has won state awards, starts from the Mäntyharju sports zone; its diversity will be a test for even experienced cyclists. There are both easy and difficult sections along the route. Its starting part in Mäntyharju is suitable for beginners. The Mäntyharju – Repovesi route can be accessed, for example, from the courtyard of the Kisala sports center at Kyttäläntie 21 (about 31 km, about 28 min.); you can use its toilets and changing rooms.

Natural tourism destinations

The area surrounding our cottages, within easy reach by car, is rich in noteworthy destinations for tourist of different ages.  Approximate distances and travel times from Lake Korpijärvi are given in brackets for each destination.

Repovesi National Park

Repovesi National Park is one of the most famous national parks in Southern Finland. The picturesque Repovesi is suitable for hiking in nature for tourists regardless of their level of training.

Lapinsalmi car park, Riippusillantie 55, 47910 Kouvola (approx. 60 km, approx. 54 min.)
Tervajärvi entrance, Kivisilmäntie 723, 47910 Kouvola (approx. 48 km, approx. 49 min.)
Saarijärvi entrance, Kuismantie Kouv 990, 47910 (approx. 52 km, approx. 55 min.)

City tour (approx. 30 km, approx. 30 min.)

The city tour begins from the train station (Asematie 3, 52700 Mäntyharju), goes along the shore of Pyhävesi Lake through the Teerniemi and Pappilanniemi spits to the Uutela shelter. The walking tour is a medium difficulty route. You can find the route map at the train station, in the municipality and in the library, where there are paper versions of it, and a pdf version is available online. 

Irja Hannonen nature trail (approx. 20 km, approx. 20 min.)

The Irja Hannonen Nature Trail is 3.8 km long and is follows the shore of Kuolimo Lake. This is a medium difficulty route. The starting point of the nature trail is located at Karkauksentie 910, 52830 Suomenniemi. Take a description of the route, which mentions the natural attractions, from a box at the starting point. About halfway along the route there is the Kuitura shelter, where you can take a break, have a snack or grill sausages (bring firewood with you). There is an eco-toilet in rest area.

Orrain trail (approx. 40 km, approx. 40 min.)

The Orrain trail is a wonderful hiking trail that goes round the rocky outskirts of Savitaipale. The total length of the route is 10 km, and there are two shelters, Onkilampi and Luotolahdenkapia, where you can rest and have a snack. The Onkilampi Shelter can also be a destination in itself if you go walking with children. The most advantageous point of the route is Mount Luotolahdenvuori, which offers an amazing view of Lake Kuolimo. There is also a mountain bike trail on this route. Starting point of the route and car park are at Partakoskentie 872, 54800 Savitaipale. There are eco toilets at the starting point of the trail and at the Luotolahdenkapia Shelter.

Art lovers are in for a great experience at the Salmela Art Center.

More information is available at:   www.taidekeskussalmela.fi  

Families with children will find exciting activities and a good mood in summer at the Tykkimäki amusement park in Kouvola and at the Visulahti amusement park in Mikkeli.