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Holiday Cottages in Mäntyharju

Come and enjoy the nature of Lake Korpijärvi and its surroundings!

Four cottage complexes and a campsite are located on the shores of the clear waters of Lake Korpijärvi in Mäntyharju, near various hiking trails.

Close to the Repovesi National Park and the Salmela Arts Center with its memorable events, offering a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities, it is a perfect place for an active getaway for families with children and tourist.

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Berries and mushrooms

Сross-сountry skiing




Ice fishing


Fishing on Lake Korpijärvi

Lake Korpijärvi is famous as a good fishing destination. It has always been riсh in vendace, whitefish and perch. Every year young fry of lake salmon and carp are put into the lake. The growth rate of lake salmon is one of the highest in the country, and the largest salmon caught in Lake Korpijärvi weighed 12.06 kg!

Lake Korpijärvi is surrounded by predominantly dry coniferous forests with heather underfrowth, ideal for picking berries and mushrooms.

The cottages are equipped with a rowing boat; you can also ask the landlord about the possibility of getting a kayak, a canoe or a stand-up paddle board.

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Kodikas, toimiva mökki ja ihana näkymä järvelle. Mökiltä on noin puolen tunnin ajomatka Repoveden kansallispuistoon, eli se toimi hyvänä tukikohtana päiväretkillemme.

Sijainti ja maisemat! Itikkaverkot tuuletusikkunoissa tosi hyvä, puukiuas saunassa aina plussaa. Grillauskota tosi hyvä, vaikka vähälle käytölle jäikin. Lievästä kuluneisuudesta huolimatta siistiä ja toimivaa mökkeilyä. Toimi myös pienen vauvan kanssa.

Hieno ja siisti paikka. Isäntäväki ystävällinen.

Everything – great host, well equipped place, having the boat there was a great touch, very clean, amazing view, my 2 years old daughter had so much fun!

Super clean, directly on the lakeshore (like 3 metres away from acctual water) big spaces, great to have the rowing boat and the bbq-hut, all in all a wonderful place to stay and unwind.